Embassy of Korea


Embassy of Korea, Honorary Consulate of the Republic of Korea in Wrocław


B2B event, organisation of a music event


Organisation of an event aiming to gel together the community of Korean people living and working in Lower Silesia as well as emphasise the role of the Consulate as an institution supporting this community.


We organised the Korean Music Night – a concert featuring young Korean bands that combine their inspirations in the tradition of Asia with a modern sound. The following bands performed their music at the event:

Geomungo Factory. The name Geomungo Factory is a combination of words in which Geomungo means the traditional Korean zither, dating back a thousand years, while the other part – Factory – draws on images of an assembly line. Geomungo is an old court instrument, forbidden in North Korea, whose sound is being rediscovered by Geomungo Factory. The members of the band have an ambition of infecting the whole world with their passion and love for traditional Korean music.

Baraji. Their unique style involves mystical performances inspired by the Korean shaman culture. To achieve it, the eight musicians use traditional instruments, their voices, dance, and costumes. The group’s extraordinary sound originates from Jindo Ssitgim Gut – a traditional Korean shaman ritual consisting in purifying the soul of a departed person by singing and dancing.

Noreum Machi. The percussion group Noreum Machi is one of the most original acts in the Korean new wave genre. Their performances feature unusual percussion dialogues, shaman chanting, and acrobatic dance. The band’s repertoire relies on traditional Korean melodies, which the musicians reinterpret and adapt to the tastes of modern audiences, though making sure their authenticity and natural structure are kept.