Karolinka Shopping Centre


Valentine’s Day event, action stimulating sales, the Internet


An event that would be loved by customers of Karolinka Shopping Centre.


The project named “A Valentine’s Day in the Clouds” was organised as a two-stage action: online action (February 2-11) and event (February 14).

An interactive form was published on the website www.WalentynkiKarolinki.pl featuring a competition challenge where the following question “What do you love your significant other for?” had to be answered by participants. Visitors were encouraged to take part in the competition with a prize relevant to the competition’s name – a romantic balloon flight. As many as 210 people took part in this stage of the competition with 6 winners invited to the second stage and awarded the guaranteed present.

The extensive scenario of “A Valentine’s Day in the Clouds” was based on a combination of a visual show (during the event, the customers of Karolinka Shopping Centre watched as many as 25 professional dance shows) and a sentimental game for the public named “Spell for a Couple”. The event was based on an idea known from a popular TV game show, with Kasia Cichopek and Marcin Hakiel as hosts.

The event saw numerous competitions for the attendees, with 6 couples that topped the online challenge taking part in the grand finale.

We carried out an action supporting sales (make-up for a receipt) as part of “A Valentine’s Day in the Clouds”.
The considerable turnout was ensured by attractions open to the public: photo booth, professional fortuneteller, and a chocolate fountain.

The celebrity Kasia Cichopek invited to the event and the original stage set contributed to the event’s success.