“Wrocław Hospice for Children” Foundation


“Wrocław Hospice for Children” Foundation


Strategy, creative concept, PR, Event, Social media, the Internet.


Strategy development and implementation of the strategy on a communication platform.


We created a campaign aiming to encourage taxpayers to let 1% of their income tax go to the Wrocław Hospice for Children Foundation. In today’s world, many people strongly believe that a life with too many stimuli is a nightmare. They don’t know, however, that a lack of stimuli is equally nightmarish. That was the insight on which we based our 1% for the hospice campaign. Additionally, we developed the communication platform named “Fill My World with Colours”. When discovering the foundation’s DNA, we joined forces with it and managed to design a communication process to make it last a few years as opposed to the mere duration of the 1% campaign. We indicated the key need of the hospice’s charges – the need to interact with the world and receive positive stimuli that make their lives better and more comfortable.

We put this concept into practice by creating an advertising video available on YT and FB and screened in cinemas. Moreover, the concept became the pivotal element of our communication in social media, e-mail marketing, and banner-based advertising. It was very effectively reflected by our PR and event activities.

Watch the video, we made for the “Fill My World with Colours” campaign.