Pasaż Grunwaldzki


Pasaż Grunwaldzki


PR, Event, CSR


Organisation of an event to mark the beginning of the school year.


Kids often neglect their school duties and physical activity, which is why we organised a special event and SCR actions for Pasaż Grunwaldzki. The actions, carried out under the motto “PE or Wi-Fi?”, aimed to show to children that there is life beyond the Internet.

We began the event with a parade of a 100-strong group of coaches, athletes, and schoolchildren and youths inside the shopping centre. Next, people visiting the shopping centre had an opportunity to try their hand at sports. Humanitarium and EIT + Research Centre prepared workshops and presentations concerning the mixing and separating of colours, muscle sores, and man’s physical activity, while Wrocław’s mathematical portal showed to the attendees how to learn through play using board games and abacuses.

Additionally, the Grand Tournament of Schools was held, in which schoolchildren competed with one another on creativity, knowledge, and fitness.

Throughout the event, volunteers collected money for the needs of a foundation organising after-school activities for children in difficult circumstances. The initiative aimed to raise 3,000 PLN, but over 10,000 PLN was donated thanks to the generosity of the shopping centre’s customers.

Mariusz Czerkawski was the special guest of the event.

Information about our action was published by the following media: