European Commission


European Commission


Communication strategy, Creative work, PR


An image-oriented campaign targeting youths and showing the benefits and opportunities of Poland’s membership in the European Union.


We prepared a two-day event during which institutions performing tasks directed to youths and cooperating with EU, as well as using its funds, had an opportunity to present their achievements and programmes for the future. Additionally, young people attending the event heard a few success stories from those who’d tapped into the opportunities provided to them by European funds.

We also translated the somewhat ossified language of red tape into young people’s language; to present the benefits of Poland’s membership in the European community, we used the following means:

– ABADÁ-Capoeira – a dance show combined with workshops for the attendees

– Street Art Workshop – graffiti painting

– energetic BMX bike shows

– “Stage movement” – workshop

– discussion – “It’s worthwhile to learn German and invest in learning it”

– EURES for youths

– Parkour Show

– Funky Mason – a dance show combined with workshop