Cuprum Arena


Europa Centralna Shopping Centre


PR, Media Relations, Custom Publishing, production, creative work


Promotion of Cuprum Arena as a fashionable meeting place – Lubin’s Agora.


Management of the whole public relations activity. Organisation of a conference and breakfasts, as well as development of press releases and delivery of custom publishing services.
Instead of applying for other media, we created media of our own – the quarterly CUPRUM, which we publish and provide content for. The quarterly CUPRUM combines features of a lifestyle-oriented magazine, a publication catering to shoppers, and a guide to city events.

The periodical is a local magazine but it describes global trends in fashion and culture. The quality of print, the subjects it touches on, and the editorial style position it as a high-profile lifestyle magazine.
The CUPRUM magazine serves a two-pronged communication function. On the one hand, it has an image-building role – Cuprum Arena as a fashionable place that creates trends – on the other hand working as a sales and promotion tool to serve the shopping centre’s lessees.